BioHackathon 2017

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新海 Shinkai
  • aim: Develop valiant-calling pipeline on Galaxy-envilonment
    • the pipeline of some parts are composed by GATK
    • so I try to develop GATK4-wrapper on Galaxy
  • what I did:
    • Bug fix of already_made prototype wapper
    • Check the usage-difference between GATK4 and GATK3
    • Check and prepare test-data
    • Develop GATK4_BaseRecalibrator_wrapper
    • Develop GATK4_HaplotypeCaller_wrapper
    • Develop GATK4_on_Docker_HaplotypeCaller_wrapper
志波 Shiwa
  • Develop MinION_tool_wrapper
  • Develop albacore_wrapper
  • Develop NanoPlot_wrapper

鈴木 Suzuki
  • Data analysis of Microbiome of the Built Environment (MoBE)
    • Analyses of bacteria in built environments, including Clostridium difficile.
    • Analyses of urban metagenomes (MetaSUB/CAMDA)
Reproducibility testing Afshinekoo et al. (2015)